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Ideas For Property Refurbishments

We have compiled a detailed list of the best ideas for property refurbishments. At Billington Construction Ltd our builders can carry out a wide range of building work to maximise space, modernise your property and improve aesthetic appeal. We will preserve your property’s character as well as any unique features whilst creating that all important wow-factor.

Homeowners in Midhurst can contact us today to discuss our other services, including groundworks and property extensions, or the work our new home builders complete.

If you would like to discover the many ways in which we can increase property value, make your living environment more comfortable and improve the functionality of your home, please keep reading below.

Going Eco-Friendly

A refurbishment project provides homeowners with the opportunity to ensure their property is more eco-friendly. Not only will this result in a highly functional home with improved energy efficiency and lower electricity and heating bills, but it is also a straightforward way to do your bit for the environment.

You may opt to upgrade your windows and doors with modern products thar offer plenty of insulation. And we can also retrofit your property with energy efficient appliances, especially in frequently used rooms such as the kitchen.

Connecting The Indoor-Outdoor Areas

One of the best ways to create a more comfortable and attractive living environment is to increase natural daylight in your home and connect the property with your outdoor spaces. Large doors will open up your rear room, usually a kitchen, for an airier feel and an improved view of the garden.

Whatever building work your property refurbishments require, the Billington Construction Ltd team will take care of it all.

We offer groundworks, property extensions and have new home builders available for projects in Midhurst.

Unique Layouts

Floorplans and layouts that are tailored to your needs go a long way in terms of increasing functionality, comfortability and property value. Open plan living has become a popular choice in modern homes, but this layout won’t work for every household. Although open plan designs maximise smaller spaces they also compromise privacy.

A broken plan design will work well in larger and more compact homes. This involves an open layout with designated zones, which can even be divided by partition walls and room divides.

All members of your household will be able to use these multi-functional spaces at one time, without disturbing one another.

And a unique layout is guaranteed to impress potential buyers, particularly where they can envision the benefits of the design for their lifestyle.

Built-In Furniture, Fixtures and Storage

Finding furniture, fixtures and storage solutions that make the most of your space can be challenging. If your property has awkwardly shaped rooms, uneven walls or sloped ceilings it’s important to use every last inch of space. Built-in beds with storage below, corner cupboards in the kitchen and customised entertainment cabinets are just some examples of what we can do with our bespoke joinery and carpentry services.

From groundworks to property extensions we cover all aspects of building work for homeowners in Midhurst.

Whether you want property refurbishments for an older building or new home builders to create your dream house from scratch, Billington Construction Ltd is happy to help.

For building work, including property refurbishments in Midhurst, please contact us on 07933 599187.
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