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Groundworks in Midhurst, Chichester
and the Surrounding Areas

Property extensions, new builds and hardscape structures will only perform well if the ground below is in good condition. Billington Construction Ltd is a highly skilled company with over 40 years of experience and we pride ourselves in our delivery of an efficient and reliable groundworks service.

If you need new home builders or you are planning a construction project in Midhurst, Chichester or the surrounding areas, please read our testimonials to discover why we are the preferred choice.

During the initial stages of groundworks we will clear the site and assess the condition of the ground. Depending on your project and choice of surface we will excavate to various depths and install suitable sub-bases that bear the load of your desired structure.

We operate our own machinery, including mini diggers and excavators.

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Foundations and Footings

Stable foundations ensure the building is reliable and long-lasting, by transferring the weight of its load into the ground. Our team lays foundations that are secure and suitable for your build. As these foundations distribute the load of the building into the soil below they prevent overloading other parts of the structure or building it unevenly.

We also install footings to support the foundations.

These crucial building components evenly distribute the load of the building, in order to prevent sinking. And the footings also prevent moisture from seeping into and damaging the foundations.

Here at Billington Construction Ltd, our team is highly experienced at carrying out groundworks. We are available for construction projects in Midhurst, Chichester and the surrounding areas.


The sub-base is a pivotal load-bearing element that distributes the weight of the structure to the sub-grade. We design sub-bases for a range of projects, recommending the most suitable materials for your build. Then our team installs them at a sufficient depth so that they bear the weight of the build as well as any pedestrian traffic.

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At Billington Construction Ltd we install foul and surface drainage solutions. Drainage is important as it carries water away from your home, preventing it from pooling on your landscape. This protects your lawn, paving and hardscape features from water damage. Likewise, a well-crafted drainage system will protect the foundations from being destabilized and it will also limit moisture-ingress, which protects your property from mould and standing water issues.

Our drainage installations will also ensure your household and guests are safe. If water were to be left pooling on the surface it would increase the risk of slips and accidents, especially in the case that it freezes.

Finally, drainage systems support cleanliness. A flooded entranceway or garden will lead to wet and muddy shoes, but with foul and surface water being filtered away from the property this will no longer be a problem.

So when you are planning a construction project in Midhurst, Chichester or the surrounding areas, Billington Construction Ltd is the team to trust for groundworks.

We will ensure that your new building or hard landscaping feature is stable and withstands all weather conditions.

For groundworks in Midhurst, Chichester and the surrounding areas, please contact us on 07933 599187.
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