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Why Invest in Property Extensions?

Are you on the fence about whether to relocate or extend your home? It’s not uncommon to need more space as your family grows or your lifestyle changes, but moving is a costly and stressful process. Maybe you want to create a spacious children’s play room or a comfortable area to entertain guests? Whatever the nature of your space creation project, our property extensions are ideal.

While our new home builders could construct you a new build with the required space we can also carry out more cost-effective building work at your current Chichester property to achieve the desired results.

At Billington Construction Ltd we also undertake groundworks and property refurbishments. Please refer to our glowing testimonials to find out more about the efficient services we provide.

There are many ways in which we can extend a property, including converting existing spaces like the loft or garage and extending the primary property into your outdoor spaces.

This will provide you with the extra space you need to live harmoniously and increase the value of your property.

Please keep reading below if you want to learn more about the many reasons to extend your home.

Using Your Outdoor Space

If your property has a vast landscape you have the perfect opportunity to extend your home into the back garden or side-return space. Side-return and rear-facing extensions are a great idea if you wish to expand your kitchen and transform it with an open plan design. And with a well-planned layout we can integrate your indoor and outdoor environments, increasing natural light in the home and creating a seamless flow between different living spaces.

At Billington Construction Ltd we specialise in property extensions. All building work is covered by our team from groundworks to completion.

Our services, available in Chichester, also include stylish property refurbishments and we have new home builders who can manage your new build project from concept to completion.

Tailoring Living Spaces

When your household grows or experiences a drastic change in lifestyle we can construct an extension that provides you with the additional living spaces you need to for maximum comfortability. This may include a guest bedroom in a rear-facing extension to accommodate relatives, a games room for older children to enjoy, or even a side-return extension for a utility room.

Members of your household will enjoy these separate and more private spaces and they will increase your property’s value.

Investing In Your Home

When our builders undertake an extension project we design a space that will both complement and enhance your current living environment. This has the potential to significantly increase property value and you’ll also see a return on your investment in terms of your family having more space, bedrooms and privacy, as well as the whole house being made more functional thanks to the additional rooms.

There are so many factors to consider when deciding between moving, seeking new home builders or investing in property extensions.

Extending your property is cost-effective, you can tailor the additional space to your current needs and make better use of your outdoor areas.

At Billington Construction Ltd we carry out an array of building work in Chichester, from groundworks to property refurbishments.

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